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Design office

Every day, we take pleasure in transforming your exterior into an exceptional living area. From conception to completion, nothing is left to chance; every detail will make your garden unique and long-lasting, living up to your expectations. Our heritage offers us a broad range of choices, in terms of both plants and materials. Our thirty years of experience have enabled us to successfully meet our customers’ requirements in a variety of contexts, finding tailor-made solutions for each and every one of them.

Today, our staff bring all their passion, professionalism and experience to create your new Eden, using 3D design so that you can see what your garden will look like before it’s even created. Whether you’re after a contemporary garden, a natural relaxation area or a lush secret hideaway, our team of highly skilled and creative landscape architects are on hand to make your dream come true. Our designers oversee every stage of the project to ensure that the garden you envision is faithfully reproduced.

We’re here to support you every step of the way, bridging the gap between production, external stakeholders and you, to make your landscaping project a reality.

Have a look at our project portfolio and let us help you create your own green haven. We make the art of landscaping a reality.

“Because every project is unique, we work closely with you throughout the process to meet your needs and create the project of your dreams.”

Your design in 3 stages



We’ll consider your wishes and take into account the atmosphere and challenges of your garden. We’ll draw up a landscape plan for you, complete with mood boards, a palette of plants and materials. This initial approach will enable us to put all your thoughts down on paper, so that we can work together to put the finishing touches to your project and ensure it meets all your expectations.



This visual perspective will give your garden a spectacular dimension. Fountain, pond, plants, objects, … a range of choices to enhance or bring your project to life. An approach that combines your ideas with our expertise.

« The 3D rendering is a faithful representation of your future garden »



While in the design stage ADONIS PAYSAGES carries out all the work, this final stage is when we implement the project and support the teams working on site in carrying out the work.

3D rendering

To allow you to have a clearer picture of what your project will look like, ADONIS PAYSAGES creates realistic 3D renderings so that you can have an immersive and realistic picture of the landscaping as if you were actually there. 3D allows you to project yourself into your garden and observe it from many different angles during a virtual stroll.