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Garden maintenance

Looking after your garden in a responsible and sustainable way Each season has its own rhythm and specific care needs.

Your garden needs special attention all year round: the ever-changing plant world requires a keen eye and skilled hands. Whether you’re a private individual, an architect or a property manager, our company offers technical solutions tailored to all types of gardens, whether in the form of a comprehensive contract or a one-off project. Our experts will take painstaking care of your garden: monitoring health, pruning and training, monitoring and controlling watering, weeding, mowing, fertilising, tending, etc. We’ll also provide you with an administrative record of the work carried out, so you can keep track of the time spent and tasks carried out in your garden over the seasons.

Our teams are managed, supervised and advised throughout the year by our expert works coordinators to provide you with gardening services of the highest quality.

Lawn care

Fine blades and a lush green colour are two important characteristics of a well-kept lawn. We don’t just take care of this aesthetic aspect, but we also look after the environment, which is of great importance in the eyes of our customers, with meticulous attention to detail and professionalism. To achieve this, we will use techniques such as scarification, coring and sanding, as well as looking after your lawn by means of organic fertilisation and biostimulation.

We’ll advise you on sustainable solutions that suit the local climatic constraints and water restrictions, with specific seeds and appropriate care.

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Garden care

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“The art of landscaping is about sculpting nature to create a living picture.”